Monthly Archives: February 2011

Days 42-46

Day 42:

Close up of some mandarin orange rinds. I really love the way the bright orange pops. Taken with the iphone.


Day 43:

This was such a nice sunny day. The sky was so blue and cloudless that I had to get a picture. This was taken in the early evening, around 5:oo pm. You can see the moon peeking through the sky.


Day 44:

Inside my washing machine as it fills with water. Yes, those are cloth diapers. Taken with the iphone.


Day 45:

The shadows of my son and me as we take an afternoon walk on Valentine’s Day.


Day 46:

My Valentine’s Day roses, courtesy of my husband.


Days 38-41

Day 38:

I accidentally splashed some hot liquid on my arm as I was cooking dinner. I figured this would be a good opportunity to practice taking photos of moving objects like water.


Day 39:

Just me and the boy!


Day 40:

My little explorer!


Day 41:

He moves so fast, he’s just a blur!


Days 31-37

Day 31:

I received this figurine as a gift from a former co-worker a few years ago.


Day 32:

I cooked up some chicken and dumplings and it was delicious! Taken with the iphone.


Day 33:

The new gerbil friend of some friends. Taken with the iphone.


Day 34:

After a rough week, this was the first time the boy started to seem more like himself. Taken with the iphone.


Day 35:

This is Baby V. She found a tampon in her mother’s purse and proceeded to tear it apart. Taken with the iphone.


Unfortunately I don’t have a picture for Day 36. Oops!


Day 37:

Although he’s not 100% recovered, he’s definitely back to being his normal self. Hallelujah!

Days 26-30

Day 26:

He crushed up a cracker then spilled some water on the crumbs. Then he decided to sample it straight off the table. That’s a toddler for you. Taken with the iphone.


Day 27:

The aftermath of a take-out dinner. Taken with the iphone.


Day 28:

My friends L, and S.M. with her baby at our weekly get-together. Taken with the iphone.


Day 29:

Me nursing the boy. We both look pitiful because we were both sick again. Taken with the iphone.


Day 30:

This is a last minute picture taken as I was on my way to bed. It’s of terrible quality but it demonstrates how I felt at the time, tired and still sick. Taken with the iphone.

Days 21-25

Day 21:

My friend, K, trying to win at dominoes. Taken with the iphone.


Day 22:

I’m in love with these cookies. They are Trader Joe’s Chocolate Joe-Joes.


Day 23:

A page from the book, When and Where I Enter: The impact of Black Women on Race and Sex in America by Paula Giddings. Taken with the iphone.


Day 24:

Baby boy just relaxing on my lap. His finger is in his mouth not his nose, lol. Taken with the iphone.

Day 25:

Quick blurry photo of the boy. He wasn’t feeling well. Taken with the iphone.

Days 17 – 20

Day 17:

The chandelier in my dining room. I thought I’d practice using different aperture settings on the PowerShot.


Day 18:

My friend E and her newborn at the library. This was taken with the camera on her Droid.


Day 19:

My brunch plate! I love this picture because it’s so colorful, not to mention the food was delicious! Taken with the iphone.


Day 20:

Peering down the stairs. Taken with the iphone.